Upload an ePUB

In order to publish your eBook you will need to upload an ePUB. The ePUB will be saved to your account, once you are logged in. In your account, you will be able to publish and make changes when needed. You can publish your eBook with an ISBN and sell on Amazon, Apple, Kobo and much more.

Please Note

To sell your eBook on Amazon, Apple, Kobo and other platforms, you will need to get an ISBN. Please take a look at our imprint conditions concerning eBooks.

If you have not created an ePUB yet, we provide an ePUB conversion service that includes distribution with an ISBN for only £60.

Before you upload your ePUB file, it is recommended that you validate it using the free program, validator.idpf.org. Please follow the instructions in our guide to create an eBook before you begin uploading your eBook.