Publishing, Sales and Royalties

How do I publish a book?

To publish a book you will first need to Make a Book and save it as a book project. Once your book is saved, you will find it in ‘Book Projects’. Select the desired book and click ‘Publish’ to start the publishing process. If you need any assistance, we also provide a Step-by-Step guide.

How do I publish an eBook standard?

To publish an eBook Standard, a printed version must already be published with epubli. Once you have selected a book in your ’Publications’, click on ‘Publish an eBook’ and continue through the eBook publishing process. If you need any assistance we also provide a Step-by-Step guide to assist you with your standard eBook release.

How do I publish an eBook?

To publish an eBook, you will need to convert your file into an ePUB file. Once converted, upload your ePUB and continue the process of publishing an eBook. If you need any assistance we also provide a Step-by-Step guide for publishing an eBook.

What are the possible sales and distributions channels for a book published at epubli?

For £14.95, you will be able to sell your book at the epubli bookshop, as well as on Amazon and physical bookstores (incl. ISBN).

What are the possible sales channels for an eBook published at epubli?

If you publish an eBook, it will be available on the epubli eBookshop and the following distribution channels:

  • Amazon Kindle Store
  • Apple iBookstore
  • Collins Booksellers
  • Fnac
  • Google Play Store
  • Indigo
  • Kobo Book Store
  • Livraria Cultura
  • Mondadori
  • Whitcoulls
  • WHSmith

Please note: Due to each of the above distribution channels having their own criteria in their respective platforms, we cannot guarantee that your eBook will be incorporated in all of the above distribution channels.

Why do I need an ISBN? How can I get one?

An ISBN allows publishers, booksellers and libraries to find book titles quickly and easily. By getting an ISBN, you will increase the opportunity of additional sales for your books or eBooks. You can easily get an ISBN with us by clicking on get an ISBN. Please note that the ISBN provided by the Agency of Book Market Standards remain in proprietorship of epubli. Therefore, the ISBN contains epubli’s publisher codes.

Please note: If you would like to publish a book in different languages, as a part of a book series, as an electronic book, or with a different print edition, you will need to publish each new edition seperately with an ISBN.

Can I edit or delete my publication?

However, if the publication has an ISBN, you can only do minor changes such as grammatical corrections, change the sales price, or change the design. If you want to make greater changes or remove the publication entirely, please contact our Author Care Team.

How can I reduce the cost and delivery time of my book?

To reduce the delivery time of your book, we provide an advance-printing service and storage for your books. This will also reduce the production cost and save you money. Learn more about saving time and money.

Do I need to sign an author's contract with epubli?

If you would like to publish a book or eBook, you will need to sign an author’s contract. This contract will be shown at the end of the publishing process. You can always see an example of the author’s contract here.

Can I sell my published books on my own?

Yes, you have the distribution rights to your books, which allows you to sell the book on your own. Keep in mind that you should price your book for the same amount as you previously sold it.

If I have a printed book, how should I price my eBook?

The price of your eBook should be at least 20% below the price of your printed copy. You can use our Price List for eBooks as a guideline to help you price your eBook. If there is no print version available, then you can set the price of your eBook independently.

How much will I earn?

Since you decide the price of your book, you also decide how much you will make. Calculate your royalties using our Royalties Calculator.

When will I receive my royalties?

The royalties will be calculated and paid on a monthly basis.

How long does it take for my publication to be available in stores?

Once you have published your work, it will be immediately available at the epubli bookshop. If you publish with an ISBN, we will distribute your book among other platforms. The process takes about 2 weeks until your book or eBook is fully accessible, and ready for purchase.

How do I read an ePUB file

An ePUB file can be read on all common eReaders, tablet PCs or smartphones. There are also several PC programs available for reading eBooks. We recommend using Adobe Digital Editions, which is a free service.

How do I know when my book has been sold and how much I have earned from it?

In ‘My Accounts’ click on ‘Sales and Earnings’. Here you will see an overview of your sales, outstanding royalties and your invoices.

How can I promote my book?

With an ISBN, we provide marketing options, free of charge, to increase the awareness of your book. It will be found on Google Book Search and Amazon Search Inside! You can also visit our epubli Blog for helpful tips to promote and market your book.

How does Google Book Search work?

Finding your book is much easier on Google Book Search. When keywords or phrases from your book are searched, it is more likely they will show up in search results, as Google keeps your book’s complete text in it’s database. However, only 20% of your book is displayed. Google will link your book to the epubli online bookshop, where customers may purchase the book.

How does Amazon Search-Inside! work?

Amazon Search Inside! allows potential readers to take a closer look into your book. Readers will also be able to search for keywords that are contained in your book, making it easier to connect you with readers who may be interested in your novel.

Can I cancel my author´s contract?

You can cancel your contract at any time with 5 days notice. To do so, contact our Author Care Team.