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Would you like to learn how to self-publish a book? epubli allows you to become an independent author with simple self-publishing options. You can submit your work by PDF, decide on the design and layout of your book, determine your author’s fee and get an ISBN if needed. Or you may even like to publish an eBook. epubli can show you how to easily publish your book online.
The benefits of self-publishing with epubli

  • You can determine your own author’s fee.
  • You can reach your readers with your book or eBook through multiple sales channels.
  • You retain the rights to your text.

Self-publish a book and earn from the first copy sold

When you choose self-publishing with epubli you can determine your own author’s fee and receive up to 80% of the net sales price as a royalty. You will earn from the first copy sold.

Sample calculation for a book – 100 pages, b/w, A4, Softcover:
Book price: £15.00
Author’s fee: £3.46 – £5.56

Sample calculation eBook:
eBook Price: £4.99
Author’s fee: £2.50 – £3.33

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Self-publish a book and determine how your book is distributed

By getting an ISBN for £14.95, your book will be available to the entire UK book market, including in both offline and online retailers. Sales advantages for publishing with ISBN include distribution through independent book stores, the Amazon book store and the epubli Bookshop among others. You will also receive free registration at Amazon and at the Nielsen Bookdata along with delivery of copies of your book to the British Library.
All you need to do is publish your book.

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Self-publishing with epubli means environmentally friendly printing in the highest quality

At epubli we work exclusively with selected printers within Germany. We work closely with our printers to ensure the highest quality printing. We are an environmentally friendly company and the paper we use is FSC certified and comes from sustainable and environmentally friendly forestry.

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Self-publish a book and have the maximum independence

With epubli, you become an independent author and will retain the author rights to your work. As an independent author you also have the freedom to distribute your book on which ever platform you choose. So if maintaining your independence and having a say in all matters concerning your publication is important to you, self-publishing is what you need. Your author’s contract can be terminated by you within 5 days at any time without a minimum contract period. At epubli we guarantee you will have author rights, your independence and flexibility when releasing your publication.

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