Print only what you need with our Print-on-Demand option

Print-on-demand is one of the many self-publishing options you have with epubli. Print-on-demand is the new digital print technology and it means your book is only printed when it is ordered. There is no minimum order when you print a book on-demand and you can print as little as one book at a time. This means we can meet the needs of any customer.
Whether you are publishing your book with the hope of a wider circulation, or simply for one off personal use, print-on-demand is a great option for you and allows anyone to become an independent author. So go ahead and write a romance novel or put all of your favourite recipes in to a recipe book, the choice is yours!

Print a book on-demand and get the following benefits

  • No need for large printing costs.
  • The freedom of independent publishing by publishing your book on a made to order basis.
  • Above average royalties if you decide to sell your book.
  • Receive your own book within 8 – 10 days.

Print-on-demand helps independent authors

If you are just starting out as an independent author and you are a little unsure of how well your book will sell, choosing to print a book on-demand is a great solution. With this technology you don’t need to order the large volumes of stock that is often requested by large publishing houses. This technology allows for one book to be printed at a time. Your book will only be printed when it is ordered. That means you can really gauge the interest in your publication by easily tracking your orders online from your own account. You will also be happy to know that the quality doesn’t suffer with print-on-demand. We at epubli guarantee high quality, professional looking products that will impress your readers. We believe independent publishing should be quick without forsaking excellent quality.

Not everyone wants to become an author and sell their book in the book trade. You may simply want to print a book for your own personal use. By choosing to print a book on-demand, you can turn all of those family recipes passed down from generation to generation into your own recipe book. You may even have a list of love poems you have written and want to turn them into a book for your partner. Having the option to print a book on-demand gives you these opportunities and it is a great option for personalised gifts.

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Print-on-demand is an environmentally friendly option

By choosing to print a book on-demand you know that no paper is wasted because your book is only printed when it is ordered. This means if you choose to sell your book, there is no risk of large quantities of books being printed that potentially won’t sell. Therefore, only printing what is needed makes book printing on-demand one of the most environmentally friendly self-publishing options. In addition to this, we at epubli are incredibly passionate about the environment. So all of our paper is FSC certified and comes from sustainable and environmentally friendly forestry.

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