Stress free book publishing with epubli

We at epubli understand that book publishing can be a long, expensive and stressful process. However it really doesn’t need to be. Publish a book with epubli and you can become and independent author quickly and without needing huge start-up costs. Book publishing with epubli is a simple and stress free process. All you really need to do is design your book cover, upload your content, choose a format and publish your book! Within this process you can also determine your royalties which means when choosing to publish a book with epubli, you decide how much you earn.

Some benefits of book publishing with epubli

  • You have complete control over the design and content.
  • You determine the sales price and royalties.
  • A simple author’s contract which respects your author’s rights.
  • You have the option to sell in both traditional book stores and online book stores.

We respect your author rights

When you choose to publish a book with epubli you will have your rights respected as an author. As an independent author with epubli you will not be bound by complicated author’s contracts that favour the publisher. Instead, you will have a flexible, easy to read authors contract which you can exit within 5 days at any time.

Read the author’s contract

Your design, Your content, Our help

Our job is to help you realise your dreams of becoming an author. Therefore, we encourage our independent authors to lead every stage of the production process. But if you need help along the way, we are ready to provide our knowledge from years of experience in the publishing industry. We want the best for you and your book so you will find a number of book publishing guides throughout the website. We provide assistance for such things as:

How to make a book

How to publish a book

How to create a PDF

How to calculate your royalties

How to get an ISBN

How to promote your book

These are just some of the ways we can help and you will find downloadable instruction manuals on our website. We can also give you access to experts in such fields as editing, graphic design and eBook conversion via page tailors area.

Have options when distributing your book

Book publishing with epubli gives you many options for sales distribution for both print and eBook publications.  If you decide to publish with an ISBN for £14.95, your options are listed below:

Print publication distribution options with an ISBN:

  • epubli bookshop
  • Amazon book store
  • Physical book stores

eBook publication distribution options with an ISBN:

    • epubli bookshop
    • Amazon Kindle Store
    • Apple iBookstore
    • Barnes & Noble Nook BookStore
    • Google Play Store
    •, Collins Booksellers, Fnac, Livraria Cultura, Mondadori, txtr, Whitecoulis, WHSmith

Read more about publishing, sales and distribution with epubli

How to order an ISBN

Book publishing with epubli allows you to determine your own royalties

Publish a book with epubli and you can determine your own sales price and author’s fee. This is just one of the benefits of being an indie author. For an example of how much you could earn, we have calculated a sample below. But go ahead and calculate your fee for yourself by using our author fee calculator.

Example calculation for a book – 100 pages, b/w, A4, Softcover:
Book price: £15.00
Author fee: £3.46 – £5.56

Sample calculation eBook:
ebook Price: £4.99
Author fee: £2.50 – £3.33

Calculate your own author fee

Book publishing of highest quality design and environmentally friendly

By choosing to publish a book with epubli you can guarantee you will receive a product that is of the highest quality design. The paper we use is sourced from within Germany where we have an excellent relationship with our industry leader printers. If you publish a printed book, we can guarantee epubli has the most environmentally friendly book printing practises. Our paper comes from sustainable and environmentally friendly forestry and is FSC certified. Plus if you choose to create an eBook, no need to worry about paper at all.

More information about our paper options