Design your own book from start to finish with our book printing option

Book printing with epubli gives you the opportunity to admire your own book sitting on a book shelf. You can become an independent author by uploading your text and creating the book you have dreamed of. Print a book with epubli and have complete control over the design of the book including the cover, layout, paper quality and binding.

Some benefits of book printing with epubli

  • You have complete control over the design.
  • You determine the sales price and royalties.
  • You will receive your completed book within approximately 10 – 12 days of ordering.
  • You can print as many or as little quantities as you like.

How much can I earn when I print a book?

With epubli book printing, you can determine how much you will receive as a royalty. This is one of the many benefits of choosing to print a book with us.
Sample calculation for a book – 100 pages, b/w, A4, Softcover:

Book price: £15.00
Author fee: £3.46 – £5.56

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Print as you go with Print-on-Demand

There is no need for the large start up costs required to print large quantities of your book. We offer book printing that allows you to print as many or as few copies as you like. We understand that some may be printing their book for a wider audience, yet others may be printing their book as a one off for personal use. With print-on-demand, we know we can meet the needs of any customer.

Environmentally friendly book printing

We care about the environment at epubli and all of the paper we use is FSC certified. We source our paper from only the highest quality providers and you can be guaranteed that our paper comes from sustainable and environmentally friendly forestry.

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Receive your book in record time with affordable shipping

Another great feature about book printing with epubli is the quick turnaround time. Once you have placed your order, your book will be sent to our expert printers who will produce your book with the greatest care. You will then receive it within approximately 10 – 12 days. In terms of shipping, we charge just the one flat rate fee for each shipping order, no matter what the quantity. In the UK it is £2.95 per order and for international it is £7.95 per order.

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You will have your author independence when choosing to print your own book with epubli

By book printing through epubli, you will have the maximum independence throughout every stage of the process. It doesn’t matter whether you are printing a one off copy for personal use, or printing copies with the intent to sell them, the choice is all yours. You will have your independence in the design and layout of the book and the number of copies printed. If you intend to publish and sell your book, you will also have independence in the promotion and distribution of your book. Plus if you need some advice from experts in areas as editing, design, translations and promotion, we can provide you with the best contacts.

When it comes to marketing and promoting your book, you decide how the message of your book reaches your audience. We believe creativity is the key to being a successful author and there are many options to promote your book including in both offline and online marketing. If you have little experience in marketing and promotion or just want some extra advice, you will find some great tips on our epubli blog.

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