Book binding online in 3 simple steps

At epubli, you will find that book binding is easy with our online binding services. There are just three simple steps. Upload a PDF, select your format and select your book features. Your book is delivered right to your door step within approximately 10 – 12 days. Binding a book was never so easy.

The benefits of binding a book with epubli

  • Bind your book in 3 simple steps.
  • Bind your premium book with long lasting binding.
  • We bind your book at an inexpensive price. For example, bind a A5-Paperback from just £2.93.
  • Upload via SSL.

Choose the right binding for your book

We offer different bindings for your book. Choose according to your needs. For example: A high quality biography would look best in the Hardcover format while a guidebook would make more sense in the Wire-O format. For novels or pocketbooks, Paperback is a good choice and for portfolios and dissertations, Saddle stitching is recommended. Binding a book with epubli is simple and affordable, try it for yourself.


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